Department of Foreign Language StudiesProfessor


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Lectures, oral presentations, etc.

  • Shaping the Future Emperor through English Language Lessons: Elizabeth Vining & Crown Prince Akihito
    May 2018, National Consortium for Teaching About Asia, Invited
  • Quaker Tutor to the Crown Prince: Collaboration between Occupied and Occupier through Christianity in Early Post War Japan
    15th International Conference of the Association for Japanese Studies, Sep. 2017
  • Elizabeth Vining and Christianity in the Imperial House
    20th Asian Studies Conference Japan, Jul. 2016
  • Women in Fashion or Intelligence: The History behind the Stereotype of Fashion
    Oct. 2014, Invited
  • The Power of Combining: Using Movies with Texts
    The 20th ATEM National Conference, Aug. 2014
  • Materials as Paradigms for Critical Thinking in EFL Learners
    Dec. 2011, ETJ
  • Writing about the World Around Us: Hints from Sei Shonagon for Japanese Learners of English
    ETJ Expo Fukuoka 2010, Dec. 2010, 西南学院大学
  • ESL Academic Writing for Focus on Content
    The 34th JALT International Conference on Language Teaching and Learning, Nov. 2008, 東京
  • Elementary School Teachers' Beliefs about Teaching Cultures
    Temple University and JALT 3rd Annual Applied Linguistics Colloquium, Jul. 2008, 福岡
  • Showcasing a multi-facetted approach to movies in the EFL classroom
    The 12th STEM Conference, Apr. 2008, 東京
  • Why Does the Devil Wear Prada? Women in Fashion or Intelligence
    第9回映画英語教育学会九州支部大会(シンポジウム), Sep. 2007, 福岡大学
  • Writing with A Purpose
    Temple University/Fukuoka JALT Applied Linguistics Colloquium, Jul. 2007, 福岡女学院 天神サテライトキャンパス
  • Focus on Content: Materials and Techniques for Teaching Beginning Academic Writing
    JALT北九州支部, Jun. 2007, 北九州国際センター
  • Active Listening and Speaking for Two: A Method for Effective Pair Learning
    大阪外国語大学シンポジウム, Oct. 2005, 大阪外国語大学
  • Movies as Materials for Beginning Academic Writing Practice
    第7回映画英語教育学会九州支部大会, Sep. 2005, 西南女学院大学
  • 芸術と装飾:和の美と西洋モダニズムとの共鳴
    田川美術館, Sep. 2004